Wildlife Photographer.

"Nature is often hidden, sometimes overcome,
seldom extinguished" Francis Bacon.

When an artist is also a photographer

Isabella Uguagliati was born in Padua in Italy, in 1970. She is a graphic creative artist,
she has always had a keen interest in the animal world and the environment.
When she was 40 years old she traveled to Kenya where she soon started using a
photocamera as a visual aid to capturing her views of wildlife in that area.
While taking photos to gain an overall picture of an area and its resources she
discovered her call for Photography.

"Photography has become such an efficient tool for conservation"

The photographs

Little by little, she started a collection of her photos on the relationship
mankind/animal/territory. In 2014 she set up a personal website with a new section
devoted to photography. The project of the website is to increase awareness in the
general public about environmental protection and the territory.
She seeks to encourage us to adopt a lifestyle that is more respectful of the Earth
and its inhabitants. It is a long-term project on the Tribes and the Wild of Kenya.

“I think everyone has a voice. Now is the time to share

your voice to bring awareness

on the protection of the environment and the territory”

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