Wildlife Photographer.

"Nature is often hidden, sometimes overcome,
seldom extinguished" Francis Bacon.

Isabella Uguagliati is a creative artist who over the years has continued to paint

pictures and create art also using photography as an expressive

means to communicate and raise awareness people on the wild nature

of our wonderful planet earth.


Address: Via A. Modigliani n.29 - Albignasego - Padua - Italy
Mobile phone - Whatsapp: +39 349.6126507

Facebook photographys: Uguagliati.Isabella.Photography

Personal E-Mail: uguagliatipadova@gmail.com

Social Networks: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Flickr, Linkedin.
Skype: isabella.uguagliati


Website on web design: www.creativionline.net
Facebook webdesign: Uguagliati.Isabella.Webdesigner

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